Working for Novus

Novus is a fantastic organisation to work for and has a number of excellent opportunities available. Below, two Novus staff members explain their career journeys and why they enjoy the work they do.

Pam Frickers – Education Manager

“My amazing career in education began when I was training to be an aerobics instructor/ personal trainer. Shortly after I completed my degree in health studies, my university tutor rang me and asked if I would cover one of his courses as he had hurt his back …. and the rest, as they say, is history!

“I trained as a teacher while I was working at my local college. Over my career, I have been a sessional tutor, course leader, a teaching and learning coach to support new teachers and an advanced practitioner. I remember telling my head of school ‘I will never be a manager, I love teaching too much’, but within the year I had become a programme manager, progressing on to head of school. While I thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher, I also enjoy the data and strategy aspect and I have never looked back.

“After 24 years in FE, I took the decision to enter offender learning, and it is a decision I will never regret. As a teacher, there is nothing better than seeing your learners achieve and make positive changes. Every day is a highlight!”

Amanda Price – Peer Mentor Tutor

“When I joined Novus, it was my first full-time admin position since raising my six children.  I was nervous about re-entering the work place, my admin skills were not the best and I lacked confidence. However, the admin team really supported me and provided full training.  The support I received helped me to work around raising my family, I was offered job share and flexible hours.  

“My manager encouraged me from day one to stretch and challenge myself, I was made to feel welcome and encouraged to ask questions or seek help if needed. I was promoted to Admin Manager, a position I really enjoyed, it was challenging and rewarding and I felt that my hard work had been recognised by the organisation. 

“I developed an interest in teaching and asked my manager how I would go about becoming a teacher - it turned out to be the best question that I ever asked! I started my training and shadowed other tutors. I learned so much from the other members of staff, I was guided, advised and mentored by several colleagues. 

“I am now a Peer Mentoring Tutor and have enrolled to start the BA in Education in September. My future goals at the minute are to work towards becoming an advanced practitioner. I am excited at the possibilities of the future and grateful for all the support and encouragement that I have received here at HMP Onley.”