What we do

Blackstone Point runs a network of specialist careers sites within the Justice and Education sectors.

We have an excellent track record of successfully recruiting staff into the Justice Sector, having developed in partnership the first dedicated Offender Learning Career Hub www.OlassJobs.co.uk in August 2015.

Following the success of OlassJobs, we launched www.TeachInFE.co.uk in June 2016. TeachInFE is a free-to-advertise Further Education Careers Hub in the UK, specialising in promoting teaching opportunities in the Further Education sector. The TeachInFE Careers Hub has grown rapidly, with over half of all UK Colleges posting on the site in the first 6 months.

In early 2017, we have launched two further specialist careers sites, www.HMPJobs.co.uk and www.ThroughTheGateJobs.co.uk, to complete our coverage of the Justice Sector.

HMPJobs specialises in promoting Offender Management career opportunities at a local level in the Justice sector. It gives prisons a platform to promote their individual establishments, providing local and varied information about careers within the prison service. Working across a wide range of establishments, it gives valuable insights into what it is like working within the offender management sector.

ThroughTheGateJobs focuses exclusively on career opportunities within the Resettlement Sector. It provides candidates with useful insights, news and recent career opportunities within the sector.

We aim to have the widest selection of career opportunities from the sector’s major employers, enabling us to attract and build a talent pool of the highest calibre sector specialist candidates.

Through our value added services we source candidates for hard to fill, skill shortage roles and attract attendees for our Client’s Careers Events and Open Days.

By investing in marketing and building highly engaged social media communities we will firmly establish ourselves as the destination site for candidates wanting to find careers information, the latest vacancies and sector news.