What is Through the Gate?

For many ex-offenders, release from prison can present a number of challenges. Provided with just £40 and a ticket to their next probation appointment, many have limited resources at their fingertips. A third of prisoners do not have a bank account, 13% have never had a job and in 2014/15 11% had no permanent place of residence to return to. This makes things like finding employment or somewhere to stay extremely hard.

Shelter aim to transform rehabilitation. Their Through The Gate (TTG) or Offender Resettlement services aim to resolve these difficulties. Staff work with ex-offenders to give them advice and support on housing, financial queries, employment, education, training, debt concerns, and more. If someone is unable to find permanent housing, employment or income they are more likely to reoffend and end up back in prison. Offender Resettlement Workers help to prevent this by providing vital services to reintegrate and rehabilitate ex-offenders successfully.