Shelter: Working in Offender Resettlement Case Study

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Wondering what working in Offender Resettlement can involve? Below, Shelter shares a recent case report to show what support their working day can involve.

Background (brief description of client’s background and the need for Shelter’s intervention):
Client is currently living in a first floor flat but isn’t mobile enough to get down the stairs and into the community. He was struggling to apply to Select Move and council properties and was having financial difficulties as he was only claiming ESA. 


Requirements & Approach (what was Shelter’s involvement?):
I assisted Client to put in an application to Select Move and helped him send of his ID to the office. Client was Banded E, which was not a good outcome, as Select Move required more medical evidence. I assisted Client to provide medical evidence and he has now been banded B and is bidding on ground floor accessible properties. Client has also recently applied for PIP and been for an assessment in order to gain some extra income. He believes his assessment went well and was grateful for the support of Shelter filling in the forms and talking to him about his assessment.


Additional Information (what else did you help the client with?):
Whilst working with Client he was charged some fines out of his benefits, which we are currently in the process of appealing as these are unaffordable.


Was there any follow-up assistance given?:
I will continue to work with client to assist him to bid on properties and gain suitable accommodation. 


Outcome (what was the result of Shelter’s involvement, did you receive any information about the outcomes?):
Client is waiting for his PIP outcome, is able to bid on properties and feels much more confident about his future and regaining his health.