One Person’s Struggle to 'Turn Lives Around'

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Through the work of the CRC's people are able to take significant steps toward rebuilding their lives.

One such story is Jessica* who for many years struggled with personal issues, leading to her losing contact and support from her family.

Jessica continues to rebuild relationships with family members during her continued recovery from entrenched alcohol and drug misuse. This includes improving relations with her mother, sister, brother and grandparents.

In 2015, these steps were recognised when Jessica was nominated for a Turning Lives Around Award in 2015. Jessica was nominated as she continues to successfully take steps to change her life around by actively addressing her alcohol and Class A drug addiction issues.

Jessica has achieved this by continuing to prove to her family that she can remain clean from Class A drugs and dry from alcohol. Jessica also agreed to attend Thinking Ahead for Women (TATW) that will continue to rebuild Jessica confidence and self-esteem, and provide her with the communication skills to address conflict situations.

Her personal development highlights the work of individuals and support organisations to help rebuild the lives of individuals.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

Source: MTCnovo