Young People From Rainsbrook Share Their Stories

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Read accounts from young people who have spent time at Rainsbrook and how their time there has positively impacted on their outlook and plans for the future.

SD's story

While being at Rainsbrook, I have managed to look back at my offending behaviour and realised what I did was wrong and I hurt people. This wasn’t just the victim of my offence as I also hurt my family as well.

I will be going back to live with my mum and little brothers.  I know I am going to have to change from my old behaviour because my brothers look up to me.


CP's story

Since coming here I have realised how much I have taken my freedom for granted. I can also manage my emotions better. Rainsbrook has helped me to realise and accept my involvement in situations. I can now own up to my mistakes, and hope that this allows me to make me a positive contribution to society.


AM's story

Being here and complying with the rules has made me better in myself and taught me not to offend again. I have learnt many new skills and will use them to not end up in custody again. I have learnt so much from my time at Rainsbrook.


CBR's story

I have seen the impact that me being in custody has had on my family and I would love to show them how I have changed and matured. 

I am now confident in my ability to cope well in difficult situations and when I leave I want to go to college to complete a mechanics course.  


CA's story

I’ve learnt a lot since being here.  I want to live a normal life, get a job, get a house and settle down.  I am not the person I used to be.  My biggest achievement since being at Rainsbrook is being able to manage my emotions which was one of my biggest problems before I came here.

I regret that I didn’t accept the help I needed before I came to Rainsbrook, but since I have been here they have helped me address my problems.

The staff have helped me manage my emotions in a more effective way and I have also written a letter to the victim of my offence.

When I leave I would like to complete an apprenticeship in plumbing.


Source: MTCnovo