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‘Jack’ first attended the education department at HMP Nottingham as an ESOL learner in 2018 and is currently taking courses in Entry English and Art.

He has proven that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.  Despite English being his second language, (he is of Polish descent) and suffering chronic joint pain as a result of long standing health problems, he has managed to overcome his issues in order to complete the ESOL programme, Budgeting at Entry 3, mathematics at Entry 3 and is currently making good progress with both Art and English at Entry 2.  His former tutor commented, “I am really pleased that he has moved on to other subjects, he has always been keen, confident, jolly and a great help to other learners”.  Comments also mirrored by his current tutor who stated, “he is a strong character, very lively.  He’s personable, a nice person to have in class and is supportive of the other learners”.  

When questioned about his personal experience of attending the education programmes at HMP Nottingham, ‘Jack’ stated, “I feel good, because it will give me something more for the future.  I can talk and understand more English, this is really important for people of different languages. I will have more contact with people which will be a big help.  Art is also good, it is something which is a new experience for me”.

He has demonstrated that despite the obstacles he has faced, it has still been possible for him to achieve his goals and he will undoubtedly continue in his personal quest for knowledge and to support his peers long into the future.  Final last words from his English tutor “He is a real asset and in addition to this he always washes the cups!”