Guide To Teaching In Prisons

PeoplePlus understands that many people may want more information on teaching in prisons to help them understand what is involved, why it is so important and what current members of staff and learners think about Offender Education. They have compiled a number of videos (below) to give you a guide to teaching in prisons. You can find out more about teaching:

  •   Functional Skills
  •   Personal and Social Development
  •   ICT
  •   Vocational Skills.


Raising the Bar

Teaching Functional Skills in Prisons

Find out more about teaching Functional Skills in prisons and how it can make a real difference to the lives of learners whilst serving their sentence and on release. 

Delivering ICT

What does ICT teaching in prisons involve and how does it differ from teaching ICT in a school, for example? Does it help learners find employment on the outside? Find out more here. 

Delivering Vocational Skills

Learn about what Vocational Training is, the most rewarding and challenging moments for Vocational tutors, what makes a good Vocational Skills tutor, and it has helped learners.

Delivering Personal and Social Development

Have you ever wondered what Personal and Social Development (PSD) actually is and how you teach it in prisons? This video aims to explain it to you using testimonials from both teaching staff and learners.