Shelter Offender Resettlement: Mentoring Case Study

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Below, Shelter shares one of their recent case reports in which a Client was referred to their Mentoring service to demonstrate what a day in Offender Resettlement can involve.

Client was initially referred to Mentoring to support Client to set up benefits. 

Requirements and Approach (what was Shelter’s involvement?):
Client is a 51 year old dependant drug user and presenting with Mental Health issues. As Client was on a stand alone DRR (Drug Rehabilitation Requirement) Order, service reach was limited, hence the referral to Mentoring. Client only attended the Inspire services once a week and didn’t have any means of contact. Client was also staying at a known drug den and as such, we couldn’t attend the property.

I attended the scheduled Inspire appointments in the hope of building a relationship and supporting the Client to get benefits in place. Universal Credit is rolled out in this area and it is proving difficult for certain client groups to set up the claim due to the automated processes. After 4 weeks, I made contact with the SPOC and as a result, we were able to gain clear direction as to what steps to take to get this basic need met.

Additional Information (what else did you help the client with?):
Client presented as being repeatedly beaten up by local drug dealers over a historical debt (2 years old). The second presentation was quite concerning with Client having severe and widespread bruising to the whole of his face as well as other injuries around his body. Client wouldn’t access medical support and wouldn’t give consent to make contact with the Police as he was fearful of reprisals. Client didn’t feel he could leave his current situation due to his dependency and entrenched lifestyle, even in the face of extreme violence and the threat of repeated beatings. 

Through extensive internal discussions, I gained clear direction from my SMT and raised a safeguarding alert, which was accepted on the grounds of abuse. As directed by the adult social care safeguarding team, I then reported the incidents to the Police without Client's consent. The Adult Social Care Safeguarding Team and Police were about to intervene when myself and the Responsible Officer were able to work with the client in getting him urgent accommodation out of the area. Making contact with a number of providers, I was eventually able to speak directly to the Service Manager at Salvation Army and explain the current safeguarding situation. He accepted the need for urgent assistance and as such, we didn’t need to follow standard referral protocols. The Responsible Officer and I then supported the Client to collect his belongings. I then took the Client to the Salvation Army and stayed with him whilst he settled.

Was there any follow-up assistance given?:
Police made contact and attended last known address for the Client within a matter of hours. They initially reported him as a missing vulnerable person until the information that we had gotten the Client to a place of safety had caught up with the Police on the front line from the adult social care safeguarding team. 

Contact with the urgent accommodation provider to outline circumstances which would warrant a back dated claim for ESA.

Outcome (what was the result of Shelter’s involvement, did you receive any information about the outcomes?):
Outcome is that the client is at a place of safety. No further feedback regarding Police involvement regarding the abuse, although this is 48hrs from first contact.

Any Other Information (quotes etc.):
Email sent by the Responsible Officer to Mentoring Team Line Managers.

 “Hi Both

Laura I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Rob, I believe this case has been handled absolutely fantastically by everyone involved, however I also wanted to point out that none of this would have happened without Paul – he has done an amazing job yet again and I just wanted for this to be recognised.

 Update – Client is now in the Salvation Army at Blackburn safe and sound

 Thanks Guys

 Thanks in advance

 Responsible Officer”

In my view, this was a great piece of joint work which saw 7 services come together to safeguard a vulnerable adult from repeated abuse.

 The services were: -

  • Lancashire & Cumbria CRC
  • Shelter Mentoring
  • Shelter CIT
  • Inspire
  • Police
  • Lancashire Adult Social Care Safeguarding Team
  • Salvation Army