PeoplePlus: Helping to Find a Permanent WayOut

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What is there to do when you are stuck inside one small room for most of the day for a long period of time? You could read, study or work-out? But when that’s all done and there’s still several hours to kill before you are able to sleep what do you inevitably turn to – TV.


PeoplePlus has harnessed this inevitability to give offenders the chance to use their TV time for the better. Used in 18 prisons (and counting), WayOut TV is an in-cell learning channel that delivers bite-size courses for hard to reach prisoners or those that want to extend their learning. It produces and curates the best education content to compliment and extend education and employment opportunities. It also allows prisons to communicate with offenders directly in their cells.


For many reasons, it can sometimes be difficult for offenders to attend classes. It may be that they have a legal visit or the prison is on lock-down. Unsurprisingly, being in custody can also be incredibly dull. Developed in prisons for prisons, WayOut TV is a new way to overcome these challenges. All of the courses are accredited and can be counted as purposeful activity. People can study Maths, Business Start Up, Graphic Design and much more. The ultimate aim is to educate, inform and communicate with offenders in their cell in an engaging and prisoner-centric manner.


Reoffending is an ever-present problem within the Justice sector with around half of prisoners ending up back in prison just one year after their release. Using technology, such as WayOut TV, provides an innovative and exciting way of encouraging learning or resettlement methods that could potentially help people stay out of prison for good.


So, do people use it and engage with it? A recent survey at HMP Wayland revealed that 97% of people within the prison were watching and using WayOut TV regularly. With HMP Governors and HMPPS staff hailing it a “great idea” and “the best investment they’ve ever made”, WayOut TV looks set to extend education and resettlement opportunities from within the prison cell.