Prison Learning at HMP Nottingham

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‘Rob’ is currently studying Level 2 mathematics and is also employed as a Learning Support Assistant to ESOL learners within the education department at HMP Nottingham

His learning journey at Nottingham began when he attended the education department in January 2018 to study Budgeting at Level 1. Since that time, he has continued to develop his maths knowledge and skills, successfully gaining the Level 1 qualification in February 2018 and currently continuing his studies to Level 2.

His tutor believes that the mathematics programme has been very beneficial in helping him to prepare for life beyond prison walls, particularly as he has aspirations to progress into higher education in the future. He stated, “’Rob’ is a very likeable guy, he gets on well with everyone and is very good at resolving conflicts. He always wants to learn more and even keeps a logbook of formulas. He really is a star player”.   

High praise indeed and with these comments in mind, it therefore came as no surprise, when in March 2018 he secured a position within the education department as a Learning Support Assistant, primarily offering support to ESOL learners. When recently questioned about his role, he stated, “I don’t like to be in the spotlight, I just want to be an enigma and stay in the background, but I’ve helped a few learners along the way and it is good to see them progress. Prisoners are scared of transition into the mainstream and I think when they see me, it shows them another path”.

He has certainly achieved great things during the relatively short period of time he has attended and worked within the education department at HMP Nottingham. It is hoped that he will continue his educational journey throughout his current sentence and into the future on release.