MTCnovo are founded on the principles of partnership and draw on decades of experience in public, community and justice services. Working hand in hand with the community, MTCnovo develops and builds capacity to ensure they can support vulnerable people and reintegrate them into society.

MTCnovo passionately believes in and seeks to embody the best, historic values of the UK justice sector. These are: caring for the individual, respecting the professionalism of staff and understanding the importance of learning – delivered in modern, innovative ways.

Operating in three main centres for rehabilitation (London Community Rehabilitation Company (London CRC), Thames Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC) and the Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC)) they support and supervise offenders, providing them with a range of proven, tailored interventions that give them the opportunity to improve their lives and be successfully reintegrated back into society. Through this they reduce reoffending and protect the public by enabling safer communities.

The MTCnovo Story

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) set itself a goal of reducing the cost and rates of reoffending. In 2014, the UK Government passed the Rehabilitation Act which introduced greater flexibility to reduce reoffending and increase diversity of providers. The Act introduced new ways of working to fund rehabilitation requirements for those sentenced to less than 12 months.

For the first time, third party organisations, alongside public sector mutuals and the private sector, were allowed to enter the rehabilitation market to drive correct behaviours, with rewards based on outcomes.

Transforming rehabilitation key timeline: 

  • December 2014 - MoJ signed new contracts with successful bidders from the private and voluntary sectors to manage part of the probation service. From 2015, these new providers began to run 21 new community rehabilitation companies (CRCs), providing support to some 45,000 offenders on sentences of 12 months or less. 
  • February 2015 - MTCnovo was appointed as the provider to manage all medium risk and low risk cases within the London and Thames Valley CRCs. 
  • September 2015 - MTCnovo was awarded a contract to run Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) after a competitive tender.
  • May 2016 - MTCnovo commenced operation of services in Rainsbrook on 5 May 2016 and will continue to operate the facility for five years.