MK Colleges contributes to Education Training Foundation research

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Representatives from the Foundation visited the prison to observe work in action, and interviewed a variety of staff on the role and functionality of Advanced Practitioners.

MK College was one of the first OLASS providers to introduce Advanced Practitioners into the structure, making it an ideal subject for the innovative research. The report identifies the role of Advanced Practitioners as “first and foremost a support mechanism to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.” The role is different from any management function, with a focus on guiding and helping staff members to build their confidence, grow skills, and help them to nurture skills they already have.

The report adds: “Having the expert input of an AP also ensures that new ways of working are ‘streamlined’ in such a way that they do not add to tutors’ existing workloads.”

The research saw different members of staff interviewed about the impact of Advanced Practitioners, with one Senior Manager commenting: “It’s an invaluable support tool using a specialist… who’s not part of the SMT structure.”

Read the full report below: