Video Case Studies

Milton Keynes College have created some fantastic video content to provide some additional information to people thinking about working in the sector, including learner stories, employer stories and the importance of Offender Learning.


How can Offender Education help?

Two MK learners explain how prison education schemes helped them, as well as opportunities it gave them upon release.

Why is Offender Education so important?

Julie Mills, Pincipal and Chief Executive of Milton Keynes College, discusses why offender learning is so important to them. 

Are there any benefits to working with Ex-Offenders?

Two members of the employment team at Milton Keynes College and an employee from RMF Construction Services share the importance of helping people progress by giving them an education and support to get a job. They discuss the benefits of working with ex-offenders.

Why should you consider teaching in Offender Education?

Two tutors from Milton Keynes College talk about working in offender learning and give advice to people thinking about entering the profession.

How can employment academies help?

Milton Keynes College staff discuss their experiences of teaching in offender learning, staff training, graduate programmes and the importance of Offender Education.