HMP Standford Hill

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HMP Standford Hill is an open prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. At this time the prison holds 456 adult men, nearly all of whom are coming to the end of a long prison sentence, or nearing the expiry of a life sentence. The prison prepares men for release and resettling them back into the community and it is at the core of nearly everything that happens at the establishment. All men are employed in work placements either in- house, externally or involved in vocational training. The wide range of Educational courses and work activities that the men are engaged in at Standford Hill, help deliver the requisite skills, knowledge and ambition necessary for a successful future in employment.

Fundamental to a successful resettlement prison is that prisoners feel safe and secure. This is the case at Standford Hill, levels of violence are low and arrangements to manage poor behaviour, when it happens are strong. Most problems are resolved informally without recourse to disciplinary measures, and prisoners have a personal investment in following the prison’s rules and something important to lose if they transgressed.

To further develop resettlement aims of the prison as a whole. The prison have instituted a process to develop an accredited ‘enabling environment’ which aimed to further improve the quality of relationships.

The prison boasts excellent facilities including a new purpose built education building with excellent facilities. The prison also has a fully equipped gym, Swimming pool and Café. The Education department was graded [2] good by OFSTED in 2015 and the team are now working towards level [1] excellent. There is a college feel to the department, a can do attitude and a desire to be the best we can be.

Teaching and learning is good and staff are knowledgeable and skilled. Relationships between staff and men are good as was behaviour.


Church Rd, Eastchurch, Sheerness ME12 4AA