Learners Get Active at HMP Long Lartin ‘Student-Centred Learning’

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Learners at HMP Long Lartin took part in a student-centred learning day at the end of July.


Over 40 learners took part in Business, Art, ICT, Customer Service and Industrial Cleaning classes, as part of the departments desire to promote their active student-centred delivery. The event was planned and taught in a manner that enabled all learners the opportunity to be actively involved in their own education, with activities including role plays, research, presentations, learner demonstrations and peer teaching.


As well as increased knowledge of the course content, it is the belief that the student-centred delivery model enables learners to develop and practice more skills which are vital for successful resettlement, thus empowering individuals not only to contribute towards the session, but use past experiences or future ambitions and goals at the heart of their learning experience. These types of learning opportunities enhance the variety of teaching, leading to a better learning experience overall.


Learner feedback the following day was very positive; learners commented that “it makes the students think for themselves”, “it helps build our confidence”, “we can learn from each other”, “it kept our interest and was fun”, “it helped my communication skills”. Managers and teachers remarked on the overwhelming success of the initiative and that the day had been a fun way of learning with lots of added benefits.


Organised by Paul Betty from the West Midlands Quality Team, the day was part of the region’s drive to increase the use of student-centred teaching and delivery methods. Tim Forman, Education Manager at Long Lartin, was keen for the department to take a lead in this initiative and fully supported the day. Both Paul and Tim were delighted with the activities that the tutors planned and delivered, and were full of praise for the enthusiasm and desire shown to set up some really imaginative sessions.


Paul commented, “it was so refreshing to see this type of learning happening and seeing the learners really enjoying taking part. The energy, enthusiasm and focus that the learners has was fantastic and they were clearly developing and practising a whole variety of important skills. They loved working in this way and said they wanted more opportunities to be actively involved; they clearly saw the added value”.


In thanking his tutors at the end of the day, Tim added “It was really refreshing and great to have been involved in something so positive. I was proud of my team for planning and delivering something like this.”


Sam Bullock, West Midlands Regional Quality Manager, said that she was “looking forward to seeing other departments embrace this initiative to enhance teaching and learning”.