From offender to Building Services Manager

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‘Daniel’ has stayed in regular contact with Gary Spann, National Employment Lead for Novus, and was delighted to share the good news about how his life has transformed. Gary held meetings with Daniel during his time in prison and after seeing his potential, set up a job interview with an award-winning property services company in the North West region. Gary helped Daniel to prepare for the interview with technique coaching and information about the firm, and he successfully landed the role.

Daniel has evolved from a man who was seriously worried about what the stigma of a prison sentence would do to his job prospects, to someone who now manages 40 people and aims to eventually get a degree.

He said: “I am a changed man in every respect. I would not be in this position without the support and guidance of Novus and particularly Gary Spann. He has been an unbelievable ally. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have even known about the job.

“Helping me to secure such a brilliant role was one thing, but Gary has gone above and beyond by contacting me all the time in order to find out how it is going and how I feel. It is a second chance in life and I have seized it with both hands. “I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am.”

Daniel’s employer is paying for him to study for the HNC at university, which will be completed this year, and has also promised to fund his ambition to land a degree in the same subject.

Gary said: “I am very proud of Daniel’s journey. He should give himself a lot of credit because we gave him the tools to make a fresh start with a good job, but he is the only one who can get it over the finishing line by working hard and leading a crime-free life.

“Within a matter of minutes in our first ever meeting, it was clear to me how bright he was. We found the right employer for him and all parties are very pleased with how it has worked out. Daniel’s life has been transformed and others can take inspiration from that.”

Source: Novus