Dragon's Den at Wandsworth helps 'Ahmed'

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"As part of my studies with Novus at HMP Wandsworth, I am on a Business course which is part of the preparation for the upcoming Dragons’ Den event.

This will be a brilliant opportunity for me and the other guys to share our ideas with a panel of experts made up of celebrities and entrepreneurs, which is something we are all really looking forward to.

In the run-up to the main event we have worked on the business ideas that we intend to pitch with our teachers and also people from Principles in Finance, who have organised the Dragons’ Den event.

We have already learnt so much from this process. Both organisations, Novus and Principles in Finance, have talked us through the process of opening our own business. The class is well-presented, organised and structured.

The teachers made sure we all prepared well for our pitches. I always knew what I was working towards every day, and my work was regularly amended to improve it. We are all aware of the end targets, which is great for motivation.

I appreciated the fact that I have been allowed to ask questions throughout the process. The opportunities have always been there to write, speak and engage, which has improved my confidence.

The course gives me a better idea of how to progress, which will help with my decision-making. It has also given me skills which I can use as a self-employed businessman, with good control over my finances.

I gained knowledge on things like charities and funding which I never would have known about, and overall the course makes you think and be positive."

Source: Novus