Bounce Back began as a small Painting and Decorating company in 2010. Since then, it has expanded to become a Charity and a Social Enterprise with training centres in HMP Brixton and in the community.

The Charity focuses on getting people into paid employment in construction. Their state of the art training centres in HMP Brixton follow the success of their community centres and improve inmates' ability to work inside and out. The centres give prison inmates a fantastic opportunity to learn skills and gain qualifications whilst still inside so that they are better prepared to obtain employment on release and resist re-offending. Their community centre in Crisis also recruits ex-offenders post release.

Their core objective is to train and equip ex-offenders with skills, professional qualifications and a strong understanding of how to manage self-employment, benefits and tax so that they can move into the workplace with confidence, completing the transition from custody into paid employment.

They are proud of their achievements to date – over 600 people have been through their programme and they have a re-offending rate of less than 12% which is significantly smaller than the national average of 60%.