About Resettlement Careers

Leaving prison can pose a number of new challenges. Many ex-offenders have no familial support network, no money and no place to live. Others may have underlying mental health or substance abuse issues that need to be addressed. Left alone, without support, it is very easy for these individuals to fall back into a life of crime.

Reoffending is a significant issue affecting our justice system. Within a year of release, almost 50% of adult prisoners will reoffend. This statistic rises to over 60% for ex-offenders who have served a sentence of less than a year and is almost 70% for Young Offenders. This puts huge pressures on the prison system, leading to overcrowding, violence and staff shortages. It also costs the UK anywhere between £4 to £13 billion every year.

Resettlement Staff work hard to help prevent all of this from happening.

They offer support in a wide range of areas, including housing, benefit claims, debt management, counselling, employment, training, and education to name just a few. Their support can start right at the beginning of the prison sentence and extend throughout their time in prison and into their release into society. Each client (ex-offender) is given a tailored resettlement plan to ensure they receive the individual support they need to find their feet.

Resettlement Careers can be challenging at times, but they are also extremely rewarding, varied, and offer you a real opportunity to make a difference. Working in Resettlement provides lots of opportunities to meet and talk to new people, to learn new skills and develop old ones, to work with an interesting and dedicated group of people, and have a positive impact on the lives of others. To work in Resettlement, you ideally need to have strong communication skills, a positive attitude, good motivation skills, and an excellent ability to empathise and look past someone’s criminal conviction. If you’ve previously worked in law, social work, housing, support work or charity work, this could be an ideal sector for you.

There are a number of benefits to Resettlement Careers. Staff benefits may vary slightly between organisations, but typically staff are entitled to a competitive salary, an annual pension and generous annual leave. Other benefits may include flexible working, family friendly policies, childcare vouchers, access to advice and counselling services, season loan tickets and many more. There are also plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional development within the sector.

If you choose to work in Resettlement, you will be helping to stop the revolving door that currently exists within the prison system. Your hard work, kindness and support towards another human being could encourage someone to pursue long term rehabilitation and resettlement. Through your work, you give people the hope they need to recognise that they are more than just a labelled ‘offender’; they are a person who can successfully reintegrate with society and have a better, brighter future. 

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