About Us

Careers In Justice is the first Careers Hub of its kind, promoting job opportunities specifically within Offender Education, Offender Resettlement and the Prison Service. Having previously existed as three separate, successful Justice career sites, Careers In Justice has combined each of these areas into one place to provide a comprehensive overview, both locally and nationally, of the Justice sector.

Careers within the Justice sector are highly rewarding, providing staff with diversity and opportunities for development, both personally and professionally. Their work helps others, makes society a safer place, and provides a chance to enhance an existing skillset. Staff are rewarded for their hard work with a competitive salary, an annual pension, generous annual leave and more.

Each of these careers are unique, but all of them give staff an opportunity to have a positive impact on the people in their care. Reoffending is a perpetual challenge within the Justice sector, resulting in overcrowding, high expenditure and the destruction of lives. Each of these areas can help prevent this and make a real difference.

We work with the key providers in each of the different areas to advertise the very latest jobs and Career Events within the Justice sector. Having created a large Talent Pool with our previous Justice career hubs, we have a number of talented specialists for each of the areas from across the UK. We provide engaging content to our online community, such as news articles, guest articles, learner voices and up to date information on major employers in the sector.

Our roles are promoted through both online content, targeted emailers and engaging marketing campaigns to ensure the widest reach possible. We are committed to promoting careers within the Justice sector as vital, rewarding careers and firmly believe that each of these areas play an integral role in the rehabilitative process for offenders.  

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